Join the "Stop the Handshake" Movement!


I’ve had this idea for a while, but after becoming a mother, I became much more germ conscious. There were many times that someone would reach out and I felt obligated to shake their hand because that has always been the standard. Then, my baby would need to be picked up, fed or attended to and I realized I didn’t even have a chance to wash my hands. With Coronavirus, flu season and even the common cold being passed so easily from person to person, I realized limiting the amount of handshakes, especially with strangers, was one way I could make a change in hopes to protect myself and my baby. I wondered, how can I let people know that I am not a handshaker? With that question in mind, “Stop the Handshake” was born! This initiative hopes to change the societal norm and help keep us all healthy. You can wear our pin or other products anytime you prefer a smile, wave or any other alternative greeting. Join the movement to #stopthehandshake


If you'd like to reach out below, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks!